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[VIXX_CONCERT] 나는 로빅이다. 유럽 콘서트투어 그 첫 번째 헝가리 단독 콘서트 #HEX_SIGN 140912 현장에서 별빛요원들을 만날 준비가 돼 있는 #빅스 #VIXX 요원들의 모습이다.

[VIXX_CONCERT] I am ROVIX. This is the VIXX Agents ready to meet Starlight Agents for the first #HEX_SIGN 140912 concert in Hungary for the Europe tour.

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

I still can’t believeI was there….and it ended alredy…


Fanprojects for VIXX Fantasia Live [HEX SIGN] in Europe, Budapest

European ST

Since we had a lot of fun organizing and helping with the fanprojects for VIXX’ Milkyway Showcase in Berlin we, as you might already heard if you plan to go, have decided to organize some Fanprojects for our boys’ first solo concert in Budapest aswell to provide more support and help creating a memorable concert experience for both, fans and VIXX!
We have finished planning everything so we will now give detailed informations about the projects and how you could help us with this too!

Banner Project:

We’re planning on ordering 1500-2000 Paper Banners which will have the words “VIXX 태어나줘서 고마워”. They are to be held up during “Thank you for being born”. We don’t have a confirmation if it will be on the International Setlist yet but as soon as we do we will inform you about it. In the unlikely situation that the Song wont be performed we have a backup banner ready and we will switch to that.

You’ll will be able to recieve your Banner for free on the day of the concert in the queue together with your queuing number. Don’t worry if you arrive after 3pm, we will still be giving out the banners till 5pm.

Message Book:

Aziaevents was nice enough to agree to give a small book with handwritten messages to VIXX from Starlights.

Starting from 8am you can come to us in the queue and write into a small message book. We kindly ask you to keep the messages short 3-5 Sentences and don’t write any offensive things to VIXX. Also the messages should mainly be in English and Korean so VIXX can understand it (even if not completely). You can of course leave your name and country with your message but please no other information so as many fans as possible can write into it.

Since we are only allowed to give them a small Message book due to the fact that VIXX will be going to other countries afterwards, not everybody will be able to write in it sadly. We hope you can undestand that.

We will let people write messages till either the book is full or its 4pm.

Support Poster:

Additional to the projects above we are supporting another project from HaNeul. Her idea was to collect supportive messages from Starlights for VIXX and put them on a big support Poster at the venue. All Messages will be translated into Korean. We are going to contact Azia Events and ask them if it is possible to put it close to wherever the High5 will be so VIXX has a chance to see it. If they don’t agree it will still be outside the venue and you will be able to take pictures of and with it.

You can send messages to our Tumblr or Email: starting from today until August 25th 12am EST. Only about 200 Messages will fit on the Poster and we sadly can’t accept too short ones or ones over 50 words. Please also make sure that the message is either in Korean or English and that you don’t include any personal information apart from your name and country as the main point of this Poster is to show the Boys support and give them strength for their European tour.


We will also go around and take pictures of nice Fanmade banners or just groups of fans in general and will post those pictures on our Twitter/Tumblr a few days after the concert.


We’re accepting Donations for these Projects over


It would be a great help for us if you could donate even just a little bit! If you want to you could write us a message with the payment and tell us what project to support with it so you know where your money goes. It would also be amazing if you could reblog this on here or retweet it on twitter.

So, ST
RLIGHTS, are you ready for Hex Sign in Budapest? Cause we sure are, especially with your help~!
We look forward to meet a lot of you at the concert!
If you haven’t gotten tickets yet you can still get them on AziaEvent’s website.

Thanks for reading and thanks beforehand for your support!

Also if you haven’t already seen it check out the detailed explantation of the numbered queu-ing we will take care of HERE!


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